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Argentinean born, a true citizen of the world.
Living in the United States, now for over two decades.
From a very young age, exposed to the world of Luxury Travel & Lifestyle. 

Over 30 years of travel experience precedes him. Jetsetter-Bonvivant, curates the world of - Authentic and Sophisticated - Luxury Travel & Lifestyle by experience, one destination at the time. 


Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fluent in English and Spanish.
Specialized into Luxury & Ultra Luxury Leisure Travel, Highly Curated Experiences, Private Jets / Villas / Yachts, Corporate Events, Group Travels and LGBTQ+ Luxury Travel.
Destinations of choice are Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Switzerland, Iceland, Morocco, Tunisia, Central Africa, Oman, Egypt, Thailand, Japan and India.

+1 (917) 754-5515
Instagram @carlosmelia

Meet Luxury Travel Curators LLC's team of expert travel curators, seasoned professionals with over 4 decades of collective experience in the Luxury Travel, Hospitality & Lifestyle industry worldwide. Our team pours their passion into crafting unparalleled experiences for the ultimate travel odyssey.

Every detail is meticulously curated to elevate your journey beyond expectations. With exclusive access to captivating destinations, we specialize in curating unforgettable journeys with authentic and sophisticated experiences.
Trust our travel experts to create bespoke itineraries that cater to your desires, ensuring a seamless and unforgettable travel experience that exceeds all your expectations.
Our mission is to elevate tourists into true travelers by creating exquisite memories that last a lifetime.

As proud members of the VirtuosoLTD Luxury Network, we provide highly-curated experiences for discerning travelers, ensuring the highest level of service and sophistication, along with our global luxury hospitality brand partnerships.

Let us elevate your travel experiences with attention to detail and commitment to excellence, connecting you with the essence of each destination through immersive experiences and local insights.




Schedule your Complimentary 15 minutes one-on-one bespoke travel consultation with one of our Luxury Travel Curators,
and get one step closer to your next customized travel experience. 
Together, we will curate your next travel adventure and make it memorable, with just you in mind.

Would you like to join the Team ?
Become a Luxury Travel Curators LLC Agent or call +1 (917) 754 5515

With 20+ years of combined experience in the brand management, luxury fashion, product marketing, and with a MBA in Luxury Management from FIT NYC, Bruno Lima has been developing, branding, and curating the best in fashion, art, and lifestyle - leading the design and development of high-end marketing campaigns and product development initiatives for luxury products/brands and renowned clients. Having traveled around the world has given Bruno, a vast global knowledge about the world's finest spots.
Founder of DESTINARE Luxury & Lifestyle Collection


Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Specialized into Luxury Travel, Curated Experiences, Small Group Travel, Fashion & Lifestyle Evetns and LGBTQ+ Travel.
Destinations of choice are Mexico, Cuba, Brasil, Argentina, Portugal, Sweden, Spain, Italy, Morocco, and Rwanda.

+1 (718) 813-2591

Instagram @whereisbrunolima


Dr Pagan-Carlo has 40 + years of travel experience both locally and internationally. His love of art, culture and history has informed his travel experiences and choices. He is a critical thinker, problem solver, program developer and educator.
His polyglot abilities and epicurean tastes translate into unique experiences in travel, art and education. 
He is a seasoned board certified Cardiologist, who practiced for 20 + years at nationally ranked Minneapolis Heart Institute at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minnesota. He has strong backgrounds in engineering and medical device development, and is an excellent communicator, clear thinker, and productive writer. He has been involved in the formation of several businesses including Avyscoer, Red and Black properties management, and Glacier Chill.
A strong supporter of the arts, his love of Opera and Symphonic Music has led him throughout the world. He is Former Board member at the Minnesota Opera and Theater Latte Da in Minneapolis.


Born in Puerto Rico, United States

Fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.
Experienced Traveler, Entrepreneur, Physician and Amateur Historian & Art Collector.
Destinations of choice are France, Iceland, Argentina.


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