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The redolent Art of Slow Travel. Some of our experiences around the world, aboard luxury trains. From Peru, China, Malaysia and beyond. Step aboard and experience truly elegant travel, wrapped in timeless romance through the spectacular scenery. VENICE SIMPLON-ORIENT-EXPRESS A BELMOND TRAIN Venice to Paris ( overnight ) Europe Enter a world of timeless glamour, where each carriage holds a new experience to be discovered. Be wined and dined in meticulously restored 1920s dining cars, before raising sparkling toasts in iconic Bar Car '3674'. Between plush cabins and palpable history, an astonishing journey awaits.

Navigate through opulent carriages and discover the wonders that await aboard the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express. When the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express embarked on its first voyage, a new era of travel was born. It was an iconic moment in time, inspiring artists, socialites and actors alike. Throughout the twentieth century, our train has held a distinguished role in the art of continental travel. With grand interiors and flowing champagne, we pioneered the most magnificent mode of transport to tour Europe and her finest cities.

With a history for hosting famed parties and intriguing guests, among them spies, authors, ambassadors and royalty, our journeys have developed a reputation for memorable connections made over fine dining and late night toasts.

Then and now, guests are surrounded by unrivalled furnishings, marquetry design and legendary artefacts – each with a story of their own.

At Luxury Travel Curators LLC, we specialize on Bespoke Unique Itineraries, Private Tours, Highly Curated Experiences and Concierge Services. Contact us to start curating your next travel experience with us. Email or Call +1 (917) 754 5515


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We customize truly bespoke luxury travel experiences just for you.
Each itinerary is, by definition, unique.
Everything we do is designed to enhance your private experience by delving deeper into your passions and interests.

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